How Useful is Content Marketing?

How Useful is Content Marketing?
May 19, 2017

Till a few years ago, it was known that social media to a great extent could shape public opinion. But at present, website owners are paying attention to content marketing in order to produce quality content for sharing on social media. Content marketing is used mainly as a promotional vehicle by businesses. By offering visitors with quality content which they can read, you can increase their interest in your product or service. Here are some of the following ways in which content marketing is useful:-

Greater visibility in search engines is ensured


Every new post which you add to your onsite blog is a page which gets indexed by Google. Though having a greater number of pages doesn’t always ensures high traffic, by having a greater number of quality pages indexed, you can increase the possibility of ranking for more search queries. In case you target long-tail keywords and topics which your customers search for every now and then, you won’t face a problem to become visible for those searches. Institutes which offer SEO course & training offer students with a clear idea of the content marketing process.

Greater visibility in search engines is ensured

Higher domain authority can be achieved


Writing content of the best quality will boost the apparent expertise, relevance, authority and trust of your website. In case your content is able to earn a greater number of inbound links from external sources, its domain authority will increase even more. A high domain authority will help you to acquire a higher ranking on search results. Therefore, the greater the amount of content you create, the higher will be the visibility on organic search which you will be able to achieve.

You can achieve more referral traffic


This can be done if you are highly committed to the guest posting aspect of your content strategy. When you write for external publications as a guest, you will get the chance to acquire back links to your website. Make sure that the sites where you post have high relevance and authority. This will make sure that one guest post helps you draw numerous new visitors to your site.

You can draw greater amount of social traffic and followers


By syndicating your content on social networking sites, you can to a great extent increase the exposure of your brand. By doing this, you will be able to make sure that greater number of people are able to view and read your material. Moreover, they will have the scope to share the content with their friends and followers. Therefore, your circle of followers will increase greatly. Over a period of time, you will earn a greater number of followers for your brand on social media.The traffic from social media will also increase substantially.


Potential for conversion will increase greatly


When people go through your content, they will have an image of your brand in their mind. In case they find it really useful and informative, they will have a positive impression regarding your brand. Moreover, if followers find that your content has been published in social newsfeeds, they will regard you as a trustworthy visionary in the industry.

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  1. Thanks fro so helpful information, could you suggest me any Tools which help me in batter content creation?

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