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Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Before we proceed about the scope of digital marketing in India or digital marketing jobs in India, let us first discuss this industry. Digital Marketing is basically a type of marketing technique for promoting products or services online. In other words, you can also say that it is a promotion of your products or services to your targeted customers that are using the internet. You can even apply the traditional marketing strategy in digital marketing.

Why Need Digital Marketing

Whether it is a traditional era or a modern era, marketing has always been evolved according to the needs as well as the demands of the customers. For example, if you think of the past era, you can feel that during that time, the customers were fond of Radio. During that time, it gave birth to radio marketing as well as advertising. If we proceed further, we can see that there was a craze for televisions. And it is also continuing presently all across the world. It gave rise to the television ads. But in the modern era, people mostly use the internet and hence gave birth to internet marketing that is also known as Digital Marketing. This eventually provided digital marketing jobs in India and all across the world.

Why Are Industries using Digital Marketing?

The rising number of internet users

After the recent growth in the telecom sector in India, the users on the internet have grown rapidly. This gave an immense rise in the digital marketing industry. Most of the companies are utilizing it to market their business throughout the internet by advertisement among their targeted customers. It particularly brought digital marketing jobs as well. And according to the reports, within the next few years, the country will become digitally advanced.


Positive Influence of Mobile Phones

Among 90% of the total population use mobile phones globally for communication purposes. Due to the increasing number of mobile phones users (mostly smartphones) the people have access to the internet that allows them to connect with the companies anywhere and anytime.

Cost Effective

Most of the businesses starting from a large scale to small-scale companies depend on digital marketing planning. This is because digital marketing provides high returns at a low cost that is in a cost-effective way. Due to the increasing demand for internet marketing, it gave a high demand for digital marketing jobs to many people.

Growing As a Successful Digital Marketer

The best, as well as the simplest way of starting your career in digital marketing jobs, is based on certain factors. There are various specializations in digital marketing. This is the main benefit of choosing digital marketing as a part of your profession. Following are the options that you can choose:

  • Digital marketing executive
  • Digital marketing strategist
  • Social media specialist
  • SEO analyst
  • Google AdWords specialist
  • Web Analyst
  • Email Marketing specialist
  • Online reputation manager

We will be discussing each and every job in this article.




Digital Marketing Jobs in India – DIGITAL PAYOUT

Digital Marketing Counsellor

Well, there is various roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing counselor specifically. A digital marketing counselor involves providing counseling about overseeing SEO projects, web designing, social media marketing, advertising campaigns, etc.

Digital Marketing Trainer

Training is something that is related to transferring the knowledge as well as expertise among others. So the role of a digital marketing trainer in the field of digital marketing jobs includes classroom training on digital marketing, helping all the learners in the practical execution about the digital concept as well as handling doubt sessions of the learners.


Types of Digital Marketing Jobs in India

  • Digital Marketer

Let us explore more about digital marketer. It is one of the most demandable jobs in the field of digital marketing. Although there are various types of digital marketer posts of profiles. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Digital Marketing Manager

The demand for digital marketing managers is high as because the companies are in search of the same. Generally, a digital marketing manager should lead the entire digital marketing team. Not only this, he or she also has a responsibility to combine various components of digital marketing by making it efficient.

  • Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive plays a very crucial as well as a specific role. He monitors the performance of the digital marketing campaigns and various other marketing efforts by evaluating and then taking the required measures.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist has a specific role in increasing brand awareness, promoting the product and service of the company and then driving the prospectives to conversions.

  • Digital Marketing Team Leader

The especially of a digital marketing team leader is enabling as well as maximizing the digital web content opportunities for any company by ensuring a coherent brand as well as user experience.


Types of SEO (Serch Engine Optimization) Jobs in India

A search engine optimizer must be an expert by knowing the proper usage of various SEO tools as well as techniques in the digital markets. It is one of the widely known digital marketing jobs in India.

  • SEO Executive

The role of SEO Executive is improving the websites or blogs of the clients or the companies for increasing the number of visitors that it is getting normally. You can do this by focussing on certain tasks such as keyword targeting, link building, directory submission, etc.

  • SEO Specialist

An SEO Specialist does the task of analyzing, reviewing, planning strategies and then implementing those strategies for building a website that is to be optimized in the search results page.

  • SEO Team Leader

An SEO team leader does the task of understanding the requirements of SEO businesses, auditing websites, conducting page-level optimization, identifying as well as resolving technical SEO related issues, etc. He is the one who will be leading the entire SEO team.

  • SEO Manager

SEO Manager is responsible for planning, implementing as well as managing the company’s overall SEO strategy.

Types of Social Media Marketing Jobs in India

Social media marketing also comes under digital marketing jobs. It mainly deals with gaining website traffic through social media platforms.

  • Social Media Expert

The main responsibility of social media expert is to develop as well as implement various social media strategy in order of increasing the company’s online presence as well as improving their marketing as well as sales efforts.

  • Social Media Marketing Specialist

The main role of social media marketing specialist is to stay updated with the new trends, features, and ideas of the viral topics that are going on in various social media platforms.

  • Social Media Marketing Team Leader

The social media marketing team leader guides the entire team of the workers who are involved in social media marketing. He also corrects the flaws and provides solutions to all the problems.

  • Social Media Marketing Manager

The social media marketing manager oversees the entire process as well as sets the perfect strategy that others will contribute to. He is the one who will make the decision such as the type of content that is to be created and promoted. In which platforms the contents are to be posted, etc.

Types of Pay Per Click (PPC) Jobs in India

The digital marketing jobs regarding the PPC that is Pay Per Click includes the posts of PPC Executive, PPC Specialist, PPC Team Leader, and PPC Manager. Their main role is optimizing to launch and optimize PPC campaigns.

  • PPC Executive

A PPC Executive helps in assisting with the creation, reporting as well as optimizing for the PPC campaigns as directed by the team.

  • PPC Specialist

A PPC Specialist makes perfect use of his or her expertise on advising on how to maximize the outputs of a PPC campaign.

  • PPC Team Leader

The PPC Team Leader is responsible to deliver custom-focussed, profitable multi-category campaigns to agreed targets.

  • PPC Manager

A PPC manager helps in monitoring the entire budget as well as oversees search platform accounts.

Types of Email Marketers Jobs in India

The task of an Email Marketer in digital marketing jobs is to run email marketing campaigns from end to end, managing email databases as well as creating newsletters. They are the one who involves in identifying the targeted audience and growing the email list of a company. Not only this an email marketer designs as well as implements direct email marketing campaigns.

  • Content Marketer

The task of a content marketer in the field of digital marketing jobs is to create as well as distribute relevant, valuable as well as consistent content for attracting as well as retaining a defined audience with a purpose of driving profits.


Types of You Tuber Jobs in India

If you are willing to start your career as a full-time You Tuber, then you have to specifically focus on creating quality content as well as build a strong audience base on YouTube. A digital marketing course will help you with this.


Approx Salary in Digital Marketing Jobs

For anyone who is willing to enter to start his or her career in Digital Marketing, the first question that comes into his or her mind is ”what will be the approximate salary?” Well, it depends on various factors such as the type and size of the organization, digital marketing skills and knowledge, educational qualifications and lots more. As you gain experience in the field of the digital marketing job, you are going to earn huge. Especially in India as there is a high demand for digital marketing jobs in India.


Right Now Digital Marketing Requirements

Following are the digital marketing requirements that are in high demand:

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Video Creation
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • PPC

Next 10 Years In Digital Marketing

The demand for digital marketing jobs in India is at its peak. Digital marketing will remain to be a robust growing industry over the next 10 years. Internet penetration in India is at its top point. India is one of those nations that spends most of its time on the internet and browsing various social media platforms. So, with the increasing demand for digital marketing in the country, it is high time to choose your career in this industry.

Digital Marketing jobs are rapidly changing arena. And it needs a lot of skills to be successful in this field. But if you strategically build a team for complementing the needed skills, you will be earning huge in this industry. Just take a step back, guess your skills and start keeping your wheels rolling.



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