With a Sip of a Cup Of Digital Marketing Course

With a Sip of a Cup Of Digital Marketing Course

Dry cold breeze of December were breezing outside the coffee Cafe shop  of  Connaught  Place and Ravi and I were having our cup of coffee. We met after 15 long years and Ravi is a soft ware engineer with Google at Gurgaon. As were savoring our hot cups of coffee, we discussed how the digital money transaction becoming important in our lives. It’s a life changer game.

Ravi told me rather introduced me with the Digital Marketing Course in India and with it the career opportunities. He suggested me that I should cash in quickly the ongoing   advantages .

Ravi took out a few white sheets from his leather bag and spread before me, and I saw  that he  began to write few things which told me something like Assistant Manager(Digital Media) content… Head E-commerce & Digital Chief Digital officer Sr. V.P (Digital Marketing) ,and many more.

I understood one thing – I knew as a professional what I was lacking myself physically connected with this ongoing digital dish which is savoring by all. Ravi gave me my answer. And we did not realized when our cups of coffee together.

I offered him one more cup of coffee and he gleefully accepted it and as we were waited for our cups we furthered our discussion. Ravi informed me the following prevailing trends of the digital marketing.

 1Digital Marketing Fundamentals which covered what is the meaning of Digital Marketing? to its ever growing  benefits.

2-Domain set ups.ie, its buying File Transfer process.

3-Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) which I heard of many mouths. He informed me about making of SEO PAGE, HTML, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ie, Online Ads, Google Adwords, CPM, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketinbg & Shopping Ads.

Online Reputation Management which means Brand built ups, how to  promote your web pages. He told me that ‘‘Mate Your Brand is You”. As he was adding to his discussion on digital marketing, I felt that I was living in some dark village in some unknown planet. He informed me that I can sell my E-mails, Adsense to Affiliate Marketing, Inbound and Out bound  web page Marketing.

Here I would like to suggest something to my girl readers. My ladies you should go for the Affiliate Marketing(though you can opt for any D.M.course of your wish). Affiliate Marketing is the combo of  defensive-offensive Marketing skills.

Offensive in the sense that you can earn money from your offices and defensive as you would have many responsibilities to fulfill after your marriage and of course traditional Indian  in-law mind set.


Ravi suggested me one more scintillating option i.e  Web Master & Content Writer profiles. A web master in a firm is the  man-in-charge of the web page. He Checks day to day faults and improves the various web page. He coordinates with the clients regularly and   established  rapport. He knows all the  ingredients of the web page tools like SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, etc.

Mr. Content Writer is a creative king of a web page. His work is a hard core research oriented. He has to read, analyze and dished out glamorous contents to his clients. A content writer is sculptor. He lucidly write the content of  the  web page. He speaks lot through his words, language and adjectives. Mr. Content Writer is a silent genius.

December cold  breeze still  blowing hard out side the window of  the coffee café and I could sense it as passer bys in their jumpers and sweaters hurriedly past  the foot path…. Ravi was out because he was attending an important office call.

I didn’t say a anything , but thinking hard on one thing. I dialed a number 921214412. The dialer on the other side dialed nearly twice. A beautiful round voice of a female on the other side picked up the receiver. She greeted buoyantly and we fixed the meeting time around  4 pm that day, the year was 2016.

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