Why SMO Training is Important For Social Media Marketers?

social media optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is an important aspect of digital marketing which has great importance over the last few years. It is a process for usage of social media outlets for creating higher publicity and awareness about any brand. To become a highly skilled digital marketing, it is essential to undergo professional training. Here are some of the major reasons why you need to undergo SMO training:-

What is SMO?


At present, a large of youngsters have begun using social media rather than time-tested mediums like TV as the primary source of news. For instance, a large number of news agencies are becoming reliant on social networking sites to boost traffic to their respective websites.

As a greater number of marketers are gaining wisdom and changing the ways the youth consume media, it has become quite clear that brands which use social media for creating business are smarter. Thus, a new domain of marketing known as social media optimization has gained popularity over the last few years. Through the use of SMO, you can generate traffic. But this can only be possible if you receive sufficient training. To do so, you need to enroll in a social media course.


Some of the major aspects which will be covered as a part of such a training program includes Introduction to SMO, types of SMO, its Usability  Guidelines, SMO Strategy Development and SMO tools. While undergoing such a program, you will get a clear idea of the way to develop strategy development for Google+ and Facebook as well as performance measurement pointers.

SMO is directly related to search engine optimization


It is a branch of SEO, an activity in which webmasters optimize their websites for enhancing search rankings. Since 2010, search engines have greatly prioritized results for social networking sites such as Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter etc.

The main aim is to get a maximum number of clicks so that a website can get a high ranking in search engines. So, companies put in a lot of effort to ensure a greater number of clicks like backlinking, regular content creation, targeting of better keywords etc.

The same is the case with SMO. Greater the engagement of the content of a page, the higher will be the ranking of web searches. So, companies concentrating on boosting their visibility on social media work for creating the type of content which they are sure will generate engagement from their followers. The greater the followers a company is able to get, the greater will be engagement it can acquire.

Moreover, it gets really tough for companies to improve their rankings in search engines. Therefore, they are to a great extent making use of social search results in order to acquire higher SERP rankings. If a large number of people are looking for your company on Facebook, it could improve your web search rankings.

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