Why is Digital Marketing Trending in 2017?

Why is Digital Marketing Trending in 2017

The growing use of the internet has made a significant change in the way of doing business over the last decade. Today, a business owner who doesn’t have a good presence on the internet is not likely to survive and grow in the highly competitive market. Therefore, if you have a website, you need to keep a track of the changes which are taking place in the world of digital marketing. Here are some factors which make digital trending in 2017:-

A.I. Solutions point towards an exciting new world


This is the year when artificial intelligence is playing a major role. Start-up brands and data analytics is closely linked with A.I.Solutions as a way for buyers to navigate in a world which is growing increasingly complex.  Starting from ultra-modern electronics applications to pinpoint analytics which can predict the needs of consumers, A.I.Solution is a major factor which all businesses are increasingly paying attention to these days.

Instant speed ups have become a normal phenomenon


What is likely to happen when you become surrounded by social media and technology? Expectations for instant communication and entertainment is likely to happen. Generation Z consumers are moving towards instantaneous social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat and apps such as Musical.ly. So what is the downside?

Experts believe that this generation has grown up with an instant response as something which is normal. There are at least three platforms which have rose to prominence on social media through the use of quicker, more pictorial and instant ways to bond with generation Z despite being relatively unknown.

Information overload will make way for niche creation


Information overload will make way for niche creation

These days, people find themselves surrounded with more information than they would have ever come across. The major reason for this issue is that they never process it. This year, consumers will be looking out for peer specialists with expertise in niche areas in order to filter recommendations which suit them in a customized manner.

Social influencers will diversify, specialize and grow in a phenomenal manner


There hasn’t ever been a situation in which people had more on-call peers to depend upon. This group includes peer advisors, specialists and trend-spotters. They will inform and guide people to make buying decisions.

Influencer marketing will become a fundamental part of branding strategy

become a fundamental part of branding strategy


There are numerous brands which have recognized the importance of influencer marketing. However, they still struggle to exploit and measure the business results as well as attribution modeling. Influencers have a major role in consumer marketing as that of advertising will decrease in the days to come.

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