What is ‘SEO’?


SEO is short for ‘Search engine optimization’. Some of the popular search engines are google, yahoo and Bing, which gives immediate results and show sites and links which are in conformity to your search. SEO is a process involving tricks and techniques used to place sites and pages in search engine result according to their ranks. These results are unpaid and are also referred as ‘natural’, ‘organic’, and ‘earned’ results. This is in contrast to SEM (search engine marketing) where traffic is attained through buying ads on search engines. Sites with higher rank get higher traffic which can be converted into customers; therefore where a site ranks in search result pages is very important.

Google, yahoo serves as intermediary between searchers and content on the internet. These search engines collect information from every web page on the internet and use algorithm to turn all that information into useful search results. Web pages which are most relevant to users search query gets higher rank through SEO.

SEO techniques involve all kind of activity that can help to improve web page ranking. It includes optimizing the content of site as well as link that direct toward it. SEO also makes sure that search engine understands the content of your website. For ex-if someone searches for ‘’hair coloring’’, only pages which are related to hair coloring will show up. The title of the website also matters, as it often summarizes its content.

The advantage of SEO over SEM is that you do not have to pay for any clicks. In addition, natural listings usually get many more visitors than the ads that search engines shows for a keyword. However, SEO also has a drawback that it takes longer to get listed in the natural search results.

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