What is Geo-Targeting? Why is It Important?

What is Geo-Targeting

Imagine if you are searching for a shoe repairing shop online and you also include your location in the search query. What will happen? Your search results will get narrowed down and display shoe repairing shops that are readily available near your location. Geo-targeting is how these businesses are able to get their website to appear in those searches.

Geo targeting is a process of delivering personalized contents to online users based on their location. It is mostly used to target local customers. Before displaying the results in the browser, the server determines where the request is coming from by identifying your IP address. The database identifies the country, region and sometimes the city of the user’s IP address on the visitor’s computer. Search Engines will also go through the history of your searches and where you search from, to help determine the best search results.


importance geo targeting

Optimizing your website for conversion is very crucial as the traffic of your website may be coming from different countries and languages, different currencies and climates. Geo-Targeting can help you increase conversions by matching the page language to the visitor’s country of origin, modifying ads, campaign according to the segment and audience that you approach and by displaying a wide variety of currencies for the products on sale.

More than half the movement in digital media platform takes place via mobile devices. As a result, advertisers focus more on mobile advertising. A study shows that 60% of consumers use mobile devices to find information on local products and services. Geo-targeted mobile ads are particularly effective at promoting local business over larger well-known brands.

Facebook has a feature called ‘Place Tips’. Using this feature and signals from cellular networks, Wi-Fi, as and GPS Facebook can deliver local recommendations that are relevant to where the user is located. Now this gives businesses an excellent opportunity for advertising, due to the fact that the ads will reach a variety and large pool of individuals.


It makes ad campaigns cost effective and less time to consume compared to traditional advertising, such as television and radio because it is digital. Due to its nature, real-time feedback is available. This makes geo-targeting much more flexible as adjustments to campaigns that are ineffective can be made quickly making them more efficient.

Geo Targeting is additionally imperative for Event posting Websites. These websites can provide local and relevant events according to the users’ locations. In addition to this, if you are hosting a seminar on digital marketing, your website can display more content to the visitor that are in that city about seminar time and venue.

Geo-targeting towards a country or a region helps brands in getting engaged with different culture. This results in more refine testing of company’s good and services. In the long term, this can be very favorable for the brand image.

These are few of the examples of how Geo-Targeting can play such an important role in creating customized and targeted marketing campaigns. Consumers respond better to marketing that is relevant to them, which in turn will be lucrative for the businesses.

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