What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the strategic marketing approach which aims at driving profitable customer action by focusing on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. You as a marketer are not pitching your customers a tangible product, but you are providing them with useful and relevant content as per their needs and requirements. Content marketing will help you and your business from the bottom line and give you the top line results that you need which include the most crucial ones – increase in sales, cut down in operating costs, more no. of customers and prospects. To have an effective content marketing strategy, you need to keep a few goals in mind – brand awareness, lead conversion, customer loyalty and customer retention.

A fine example of content marketing is GoPro’s visual content. GoPro’s marketing strategy is all about high quality visual content: pictures and videos and high quality products: action cameras. They have targeted a specific audience – those who love adventure and sports, and have brought out certain relevant products in the market. When they started out with marketing, they uploaded some high quality content on social media which eventually got shared by a thousand times by viewers. It kind of created a connection with the people. This is how GoPro’s content marketing strategy became successful in a very short time.

How to Become A Compelling Content Writer?

There are a number of tips and strategies for writing a lot of compelling content. You may get inspired to write down something, but at the end, all that matters is that how you planned and structured your content in the right way, that’s where your entire success is found. So let us dig in:

Focus on the headline

The most important part of a post is the headline. Some of us use a headline that creates curiosity among the readers. Some of us use a question-based headline and some use headlines that revolve around a specific problem. There are also some headlines that evoke excitement among the readers. All of these are the most popular and eye-catching types of the headline and you must use the ones according to the post that you’re writing.

The target audience

Getting to know your audience and what they like to read is the key. You need to analyze your readers and understand them in time. How to do this – Look at your audience’s history, see what they have responded to on your website in the past. There have to be several posts that have become successful and popular over time. Try to find out what is common among them, for eg, if you select 5 of the most popular posts, find out what words/topics among them grab the most of the attention of the readers. Once you do this, you can extend the readership even further by using those topics more often.

Look for the “unnoticed areas”

You must try to fully utilize every part of your website. Once you know what are the most popular stuff on your website, try to find out what parts are not getting enough attention and are constantly becoming less noticeable by the readers. This will hinder your performance over time. You must also improve on these areas and re-plan and re-structure accordingly. Try to match the content with the most popular ones and see what could be done to drive more attention to them than before.

Unique content is the king


We all know the fact that whatever content you write, it MUST be unique. This is important for both yourself and as well as the reader. Having a content of your own makes you stand out over the internet. When people will read your content, they will also try to imagine what kind of a person you are. So, make sure whatever you’re writing is not misleading or inaccurate as it will spoil your personality and reputation. If it is really good, someone might even count it as a reference point in future.

Keep your audience wanting for more

Once you get the attention of the reader using an impressive headline, try to retain that attention until he/she reads the entire or most of the post. Your aim here is to keep them engaged and let them ask for more such interesting posts.

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