What Are The Best SEO Resources For Startups?


Are you the owner of a startup? If you are, then it is likely that you will be looking for ways to provide a high level of visibility to your site on the internet. But the lack of resources at the initial stage can make it tough for you to achieve this objective. Here are some of the best SEO resources for startups using which you can generate the required level of traffic which you intend to achieve within a short period of time:-

Open Site Explorer


Open Site Explorer from Moz specializes in analysis of the profiles of inbound links. Often regarded as a search engine for links, it helps you to discover and analyze all links that are presently pointing to your website. This is highly useful for finding out your domain and page authority growth. You can also find out what your competitor are doing in terms of SEO tactics. It is ideal for finding out the bad links and help you find out the strongest paths for the development of backlinks.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is one of the most useful SEO tools which you can possibly have. It’s offered for free by Google and can help you manage dozens of websites. You only have to install a custom generated analytics script on your website to start tracking a lot of detailed information about your traffic, including the location where the traffic is coming from, the behavior of visitors and the financial factors such as conversion rates. This is one of the best tools using which you can find out the effectiveness of your campaign and you can make enhancements in different directions.


Google Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster Tools offers you with detailed technical information related to the present performance of your site. You will also get suggestions for changes within the search console also. Using Webmaster Tools, you will get warnings in case your site is either broken or down or if you have violated any policies of Google. You will also be able to have access to details as to how Google is indexing your site and suggestions on onsite SEO factors such as the title tags and meta descriptions if they are not in proper order.

Google Keyword Planner


This tool is meant for usage with AdWords. However, it really works well for organic keyword research also. Using it, you can generate a lot of new ideas for target keywords and phrases. You will also be able to generate details on search volume and competition level of your prospective targets.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer


Though it can be a useful tool, Google’s Keyword Planner has some drawbacks. Moz’s Keyword Planner tries to make up for the gap using some extra keyword research tools like more accurate details about factors such as search volume and better recommendations for which keywords to target.



The free version of BuzzSumo doesn’t have all the features of the full version. But it is still worth using in your content strategy. Through it, you can find out the popularity of different content topics and find out the influencers who can support your campaign.


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