What Are Latest Social Media Marketing Trends for 2017?

social media trends

Social media strategy is an important aspect of the digital marketing campaign which all business owners pay attention to. But before you confirm your social media strategy for 2017, you will need to make sure that you allocate sufficient time and effort to social media. Here are some changes which you will need to adapt in 2017:-

Live video content gains greater importance


Live video content is gaining importance at present. According to a report from Social Media Examiner, 14% of marketers experimented with live video content last year. 43%, on the other hand, intend to use interactive video this year as per a new survey data of Wyzowl. Though there are numerous streaming sites and platforms which exist today, Periscope and Facebook Live are the most widely used. Digital marketing institute which offers professional SEO course offer students with hands-on training in handling this type of live streaming platforms.

Instagram and Twitter have launched their very own version of live video streaming towards the end of 2016. When it comes to broadcasting, there are numerous brands which are using this strategy. They are using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for live streaming events. Such an approach helps in ensuring that your followers stay engaged with your brand by ensuring that they have access to an event which they would otherwise fail to view from their screens.

Brands will be greatly dependent on messaging apps


In case you are only thinking about messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as alternatives to traditional text messaging, you will have to reconsider. Messaging apps are being used by 4 billion people around the world. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for brands to make use of this global presence.


Messaging apps are being used by numerous brands to communicate personally with customers. Customer relationship management is therefore undergoing a makeover. This type of apps offers a quicker and easier way for customers to acquire the assistance which they require, instead of being placed on hold or wait for a mail to return.

Organizing message for customer service is more accessible and affordable for businesses. By offering a superior quality of experience to customers, brands can resolve their problems within a short span of time and retain them with ease. For instance, Hyatt is using Facebook Messanger for 24-hour customer service. This enables guests to make reservations, enquiries and suggestions for their trips. Institutes which offer SEO training to students make them adept in handling this type of messaging apps.

Experts are of the view that messaging apps will ultimately become a part of each online interaction. This view is supported by statistics. One in four of all apps which are downloaded are left after only one use. Messaging apps are the only exception to it. This year and in the near future, you need to engage in the lesser amount of social networking and a greater amount of messaging to make the instant connection with the audience.

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