How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing

twitter for bussiness

How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing

Twitter has become an essential part of the marketing strategy for every marketer for a long time. When it comes to promotion, social media platform is the obvious deal and twitter is one of the main stages of that activity. Here, you can find lots of people who you think might be relevant to your business, even if they don’t follow you. Another reason why you should encourage twitter marketing is that along with Facebook, it is the only audience-building tool that excels in creating and developing long-term relationships.

Below are Some Tips and Strategies For a Better Twitter Marketing:

  1. Keyword is the King

Your main goal is to attract the audience through tweets and you have to be very specific about them because targeting the wrong audience will not only waste your time and efforts but also hinder future prospects from engaging with your business. One way to effectively do that is by using keywords that are relevant and discoverable, that are linked to highly valuable content found in your tweets. You must try to understand the importance of keyword targeting which will greatly allow you to connect and engage with users based on their searches/ recent tweets. Hence, it is advisable to use the most relevant and effective keywords in your tweets.

  1. Target Other Users Who are Relevant to Your Brand

In order to grow on Twitter, it is better to start following other users who you think, might be like-minded. This is very helpful for beginners as you will be able to connect to the users that you want to follow – individuals, companies, influencers, etc, more easily as compared to with the ones who have a different mind-set from you. Other than being like-minded, how relevant they find your content and how fast you both are able to connect with each other, are two more factors and attributes to consider when trying to find and connect to them. A hashtag is a powerful tool, so you need to use it in the most effective way to get maximum positive results.

  1. Acknowledge and Commend Others

Tweeting as we know is also about sharing other users’ content. But in that process, it is advisable to give credit to the user, whose content you are sharing. There is a strong reason behind this – when you see someone’s valuable content, you might consider retweeting it. But in this process, do remember to give credit to the original user. 

  1. Tweet Scheduling

Scheduling tweets is a great idea to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your business. For marketers, it is an extremely valuable tool.  By doing this, you will maintain and even improve your presence on the social media platform. But you also need to be careful. If you’re not cautious, this could harm your brand’s reputation in front of millions of people.

  1. Be More Engaged

If you are focussed on user engagement, then you are near to social media success. Connecting with non-followers is equally important as connecting with mutual followers. A marketer must always strive to continue to attract and engage as many users as he can on social media. This will lead him to more opportunities.

  1. Create Tweet List

To get a large portion of your Twitter channel and keep things sorted out, we prescribe setting up Twitter records also called Twitter lists to make bunches with important and relevant clients and associations. These twitter lists offer an approach to see various updates from particular individuals you have chosen to concentrate your consideration on, and in doing as such, enabling you to be more engaged and up to date on those individuals who you think are a great value to your online engagement efforts.

  1. Profile Optimization

The Twitter profile is the place where different clients get their early introductions and impressions of who you are, so it’s critical that you utilize this part of your online visibility. Your Twitter profile is the most imperative point of arrival for your image, so you need to ensure it’s aiding and not harming your endeavors. Keep in mind that the profile’s image and impression should be similar and consistent with your profiles on other social media networks.

  1. Include Graphics in Your Tweets

You will see more social media engagement with posts or tweets that consist of an image. The fact is that tweets that include pictures have seen more attraction from users than those which simply contain texts. According to a study on the internet, tweets that have images show 200 percent more engagement than those without them. Thus it is a good idea to implement this principle.

  1. Be Visible Every Time

They should however not feel that even after following you, they are not getting any value out of it. You will also get to know how they react when you change your posting frequency. Use these reactions to your advantage.

  1. Space Control

While one of the greatest difficulties of Twitter can fit your message into the assigned 140 characters, do whatever it takes not to utilize these in light of the fact that they are accessible. As engagement ought to be one of your best needs with your online networking methodology, you certainly need to leave space for notices and remarks through retweets so your substance can without much of a stretch and easily be shared.

  1. Your Achievement Matters

You will have tweets that will perform really well and on the other hand, there will be less performing ones too. Similarly, if you see a tweet not going far enough, try to change your strategy and keep working on its promotion and engagement. You must try to maintain or bring more attention to the top-performing tweets to further increase their engagement with others.

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Your Twitter strategy needs to be very flexible. Although it seems good to keep a balance between quality and quantity, it would be better to give more attention to quality over quantity. In the starting, it does look tempting to have a good number of followers but instead of that, try to build quality relationships with them. It’s going to help you in the long run.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Followers

Keep an eye on what your followers and potential clients are discussing. They might be talking about your brand or something relevant to it. Treat this as a valuable asset, as it would help you to establish new strategies, predict marketing forecasts and opportunities. It could also be helpful in assessing risks and dangers that might lay ahead.

  1. Optimize Your Tweet

You have a limited number of characters to use when it comes to tweeting, and that number is only 140. There will many tweets where the 140 characters will be mostly eaten up by a lengthy URL. That could be a problem for you. In this situation, try to optimize the tweet or use a URL shortener tool to shorten the URL. By doing this, you will get space for more information to be shared. Even the ones who will probably share your tweet can utilize that extra space by adding their comments to it.

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  1. Great post-Charlene! One of the things I learned from SME is that it’s really important to put your complete details on your Twitter profile so that people will not just be able to check out your Tweets, but relevant details about you, like your website address.

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