Top Freelancer Jobs That Are Too Good to Be True

Top freelancer jobs that are too good to be true

In the recent year, freelancing has become one of the most preferred and booming jobs as there is no need to follow a strict routine like in a traditional job. A freelancer is free to choose their schedule, workplace, and projects. More often than not they are paid reasonably well. With time more people are finding independence and flexibility offered by these jobs appealing. You have the option of going freelance full-time or using it to supplement your income by working part-time. Either way choosing your field is important. One should choose a field in which he/she has some experience and training. Here are some of the best freelance jobs you can consider:-

1. Graphic designer

Graphic designing is a creative process of visual communication and problem- solving through the use of typography and photography. A graphic designer can get employed by advertising agencies, design companies, publishers and other businesses that need design professionals. However, one requires some formal education in graphic designing before they start as a freelance.

2. Writing and Blogging

You don’t require a professional degree for this one. Anyone with creative ideas and good writing skills can opt this. Freelance writing comprises a lot of option like blogging, content writing for websites and advertising. A blog could be on anything for example-food blog or travel blog. As a content writer, you must master different writing styles and be original.

3. Photography

There are lots of websites where you can sell your photographs. Some of the website prints these photographs on Phone cover, cushion or t-shirt. So if you are in possession of a good camera and are aware of the technicality of editing and retouching pictures, then you can definitely try your hand at freelance photography. It’s a chance to turn your hobby into your profession.

4. Teaching and Tutoring

If you are skilled in any field then you can share your expertise through online classes and make good money out of it. These classes can be held on platforms like YouTube, Skype, and Google hangout. Making tutorial about different products, on different topics, organizing online test, creating learning guides, and text for audio are some other options one can try in this field.

5. Social Media Marketing


This job involves making strategies to promote different brands online and utilizing social forums like Facebook and Instagram for working towards better relationships with customers. You can freelance as Public Relations (PR), Project Manager, and Marketing Manager. Some of the skills required for this job are good observation, researching and critiquing insights.

6. App and Game Development

Nowadays there is the app for everything. From buying groceries to making workout routine everything has been made possible with just one small app. So, if you know how to create a good mobile application, games, etc. for iOS and Android devices then you can make one and cash on it.

7. Translation

Translation job involves translating things from one language to another. They are also called interpreters. So, if you are bilingual you can use those skills not only in foreign countries but also in your home country. Most popular ones are the French, German and English translator.

8. Search Engine Optimization


In this job, you need to make necessary changes in a website so that its ranking increases in search engines result. For this, you must know every tactic that can be employed to improve SEO ranking. Online companies are required to rank high on Google and other search engines, therefore SEO freelancers are in great demand.

9. Legal duty

If you are a lawyer or have some training in law, you can earn some extra pocket money by working as a freelance. You can use your skills as a patent lawyer, intellectual property lawyer, and a corporate lawyer or give legal consultation.

10. Creative designing and Logo designing

For creative designing, you need to be well-versed in power point presentation and Adobe Photoshop. So, if you have a creative mind then go for it. Logo designing is similar to creative designing. In this, you have to design logos for brands and websites.

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