Top 20 Marketing Blogs That Teach You How To Be A Successful Blogger


“Marketing is a race without a finishing line” -Phillip Kotler

The growing popularity of content marketing in recent years has enhanced the role of bloggers in internet marketing. If you are good with words, then you can create your own niche as a blogger. But to do so, you need to update yourself on the latest trends in marketing from around the world. Here are some marketing blogs that you can be an eminent blogger with a large following: –

Neil Patel

Interacting with people plays a vital role in digital communication. No matter how user-friendly contents you create and publish, they can have a lasting impact only if you can connect at the personal level with readers. Responding to the queries of the audience can generate a high level of trust and give your content the much-needed traction.


Case studies can help you come up with interesting, relevant content which can help a lot in popularizing your blog. Case studies form a vital part of the Moz Blog which can provide you with deep knowledge on all aspects of digital marketing.

Buffer Social

One of the most trustworthy blogs related to social media, it offers inclusive, high-quality research-based content which can provide ample insights to social media marketers.


One of the most trusted professional websites on social media, LinkedIn is a good source of informative blogs related to the changing trends in marketing.


An initiative of Mark W.Schaefer, Grow is a trendsetter in content marketing. The content shared here are based on thoughtful experiences and can help you acquire a better knowledge of marketing.

Jon Loomer

An excellent source of Facebook-centric content, Jon Loomer’s blog shares articles that are rich in real life experiences, experiments, examples and supportive graphics.

Rebekah Radice

An easy to read blog, it is best suited for starters and intermediate marketers.

Content Marketing Institute

A virtual school for businesses and content marketing firms, Content Marketing is a good source of resources for improvising your content marketing strategies based on research. Following it on a daily basis can help you have a better idea of emerging marketing trends.

Search Engine Watch

Many startups depend on a single author for blogs before it gains visibility. Though having a single author can be cost effective measure, having a multi-author approach can provide the best results in the long run. It will enable you to come up with your own views on different topics and come with content which makes you an authority in the domain.

Jon Morrow

Creating a blog is an easier task than maintaining a steady flow of traffic. Regarded as one of the wizards in the craft of web-based writing, Jon Morrow’s tips can help you come up with more inventive content.


The availability of statistical data related to content and thereby generating audience trust makes Buffer a valuable resource.

Social Media Today

It helps bloggers keep a track of what audience like and create a user-centric agency.

Copy Hackers

This is an ideal resource which will help you create a web-based copy which sells through professional advice.

The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan is a name synonymous with HubSpot and content marketing. An eminent expert Sheridan can help you with blogging ideas that work.


One of the best agencies with the US, Distilled’s blogs offer a clear picture of what clicks in SEO.


Considered a Bible for marketers, it’s workable, worthwhile tips are applicable in the case of content marketing, conversion optimization etc.

John Doherty

A popular marketer, entrepreneur, and blogger, Doherty’s blog is a storehouse of information on what works for the web.


A vital resource for newbies, HubSpot offers valuable marketing tips that are workable for organizations of varying sizes.

Marketing Experiments

A trusted guide for people who are willing to experiment, it offers time-tested tips and tricks.

PPC Hero

A thinktank in the world of paid ads, this blog can help you devise ways to generate maximum revenue within a set budget.


Best suited for newbies to inbound marketing, it can help you create email outreach and newsletters which make a mark.

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