Tips to Boost Revenues Through Inbound Marketing For E-commerce


Inbound marketing has been an integral part of the digital marketing process for quite some time. It undoubtedly plays a major role in helping a business to be tracked, gain attention of a visitor, draw them to the website, make them leads and generate sales. Doing so requires creation of good content rather than irritating people through different activities related to outbound marketing.

Emphasis should be to produce & share relevant, valuable content which can be shared across different platforms. Therefore, inbound marketing through different content marketing mediums like podcasts, blogs, video, SEO, whitepapers etc. can help customers create a relationship with the brand. Having a clear perception of these components of inbound marketing components can help you achieve this task in a perfect, faultless manner. Here are some tips through which e-commerce companies can boost their revenues: –

Judicious use of blogs and social media

It has been a couple of years since Google made an announcement that social media content will feature in real search results. Professionals undergoing any digital marketing course in Delhi are well aware that your blog or social media account can play a major role in organic search if handled with care. The greater your ability to publish informative content related to a trend or industry, the higher will be the ranking of your online store in SERP results. Moreover, you can make ample use of social media to promote your blog articles.

Focus on SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization plays a visible role in the search engine optimization i.e. SEO helps to draw traffic to your online store since it provides consumers with keywords for online store and blog. However, you must remember that you can stuff the keywords as it will be regarded by Google by spamming. Your website may get penalized as a result. Therefore, utilise SEO and make sure that it should be done with care and content needs to be relevant.

Usage of landing pages

For example, the landing pages are the ultimate tool to increase your contact database, which is not an easy task as people are normally hesitant to share their contact deals. But then a landing page with an interesting offer such as a white paper or e-book can help increase the number of newsletter subscribers within a short time span.

Ensure hassle-free workflows

Workflows are a major area which includes an organized, repeatable pattern of business process. This can be done through systematic organization of resources into processes which convert materials, offer information or services. It could be related to a number of automated & personalized emails, calls etc. However, in inbound marketing you will need to utilise emails to build up a relationship with customers and convert them into repeat customers and eventually brand promoters. Creation of this type of e-mails requires a substantial amount of time. There are numerous types of marketing software to simplify the process and to make the process an easier one.

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