Tips and Strategies to Improve YouTube Marketing

Why YouTube Marketing?

Youtube has two faces – on one side, there’s an average person who probably just discovers and watches new artists, songs, movies, meme videos, etc. And on the other side, there are people who believe that Youtube is not just that, there are a lot of opportunities and an infinite amount of growth and reach the far end of Youtube. These people are called marketers.

Youtube is the second largest online network after Google, therefore you can imagine the number of times it is accessed by people around the world in just one day. That number has grown tremendously over the last 10 years since its launch. And with that, the importance of youtube for a marketer has also grown a lot over the same time. Today, for most of them, it has become an important part of their marketing strategy and to have their brand presence on social media. It can help you in driving awareness in a decent amount of time if you’re a starter or can help you with remarketing or retargeting, by re-reaching those people who have already visited and engaged with your website and also those who follow your channel or have watched your videos.

Below are some tips and strategies to maximize your youtube marketing:

  1. First, upload the video and click on creator studio. A new page will open on youtube itself showing the data about your channel. This page is called creator dashboard.

           youtube marketing

You can browse through various sections – live streaming, community, channel, analytics and create, but the most important is the video manager.

youtube marketing

Video SEO:

Look at the red box in the above image. There are a few things that you must pay attention to in order for your video to be find able by people around the world.

  1. Title – Give it a short and suitable title which should present the whole video’s message in a few words. Use two or three keywords that are relevant. 60 characters are the limit, so be careful.
  2. Description –  This is where you write the summary of what the video is about. Make sure to use up all the necessary and relevant keywords here. Use lots of links – website link, product purchase link, query submission link, social media links, etc.
  3. Tags – This is the most important part of youtube marketing. Tags are basically single keywords or phrases that must be included in every video in order to make it findable. When a user types a word and it matches the tags that you used, your video will likely be shown in the search results. So, you must select the tags carefully. You can even use various tools to see the effectiveness of a keyword and finally choose the best ones that would increase your video’s SEO score. Insist on using long-tail keywords.
  4. Add an attractive thumbnail: Even before viewing the video, a user will first look at your thumbnail. You must select a good one to make your video stand out. Remember that it will represent the content of your video, so if the user finds that the video is not relevant to the thumbnail, he will click the back button in the first few seconds after clicking on the thumbnail.youtube marketing
  5. Once you’ve setup the video completely, you can then save the settings and let it go live on youtube. The first thing you should do after this is to share it on other social media platforms – facebook, twitter, linkedIn, instagram, etc. Youtube engagements will take some time, but you will get faster feedbacks from these social media platforms.

Additional tips:

  1. On whichever platform you share the video, do mention like, share and subscribe to your channel along with it. If brand awareness and reach is your main priority, then this will really help. Even if 200 people out of your total friends and followers do that, it’s going to really give you a head-start. That number will certainly grow in the future but the first aim of social media.
  2. Make the video short and of high quality: The commonly known golden rule of youtube is that the video length should be around 3 minutes. That’s the maximum an average person will watch it. This shows how video engagement is directly related to the video length. Speaking about the quality, people will run away from cheap and crappy quality videos. So make sure that you create a high quality video so that it will keep people engaged.
  3. Take feedbacks seriously and solve people’s queries on time: You will soon start getting feedback and queries from users on social media after watching your video. The most important thing here is to deal with them. You can take a decent amount of time to reply but don’t deliver them too late. Remember to write genuine replies and try to stay as positive as you can.

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