Major Social Media Trends Which Will Shape 2017


Social media has taken the internet by storm over the last decade. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have made the world a smaller place and made it easier for people to express themselves. Social and mobile form two vital aspects of digital marketing strategies of companies these days. The way people perceive a brand on these mediums has an important aspect on its success or failure in the market.

Visuals and video will dominate

Though there was a substantial increase in the number of visuals across platforms in 2016, they will assume even greater proportions in 2017. Video, in particular will be a deciding factor across mediums such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. As of now, only a specific segment of the population has adapted to the use of live video, mainly using Facebook Live (73%), Periscope (44%) and YouTube (20%).

Recent surveys revealed that a sizable portion of the respondents regarded that Instagram and Snap chat had the possibility for usage as a platform. Therefore, visuals together will videos will form a part and parcel of media campaigns which leave a lasting mark in the coming year.

Fixing a social media budget will become essential

Though there is no dearth of work that can be done through social media, but gradually businesses are realising the need to have a social media budget to make their presence felt. A major thing that you will need to ensure is that your money is spent wisely. Availing a digital marketing course in Delhi under the guidance of professional experts will enable you to make the best use of free posting options.

You can follow some of the leading stalwarts in each medium such as Mari Smith, Carlos Gil for Snapchat and Madalyn Sklar for Titter to find out the best ways to draw audience and engage them. Most of these are free and offer worthwhile ways. If you are confused as to which channel you should concentrate upon at the initial stage, opt for Facebook since it has a wide reach.

Content will continue to rule the roost

In 2017, content creation will remain the distinguishing factor between a successful  brand and others. A major section of social media professionals spend a significant part of their time in the content development process. But the major challenge that they often face is the lack of time and resources.

And in case there are no obstacles, they will have ample time to produce video content, live content and blog content. One thing that you need to remember is that most of the blog and e-news content are owned instead of rented media which is hosted in a different social platform. So, content is still going to play a dynamic role within social media.

Drawing organic traffic will become tougher than before

Gaining attention of visitors at the initial stage is easy initially. It can be gained by acquiring likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter. But the trends are changing. Facebook and a couple of the other websites are doing away with chronological timeline updates. They will start making them invisible unless you use your credit card. Social media is gradually becoming another form of payed medium.

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