Major SEO Trends That Will Hold The Key in 2017


Search engine optimization(SEO) is a constantly evolving process. To stay ahead of competitors, website owners need to adopt to new SEO techniques. One of the easiest ways of doing so is to keep a track of the changes that search engines have been undergoing and adapt your content and SEO strategy accordingly. As the year draws to a close, here are some of the major SEO trends which are going to be of major importance in 2017: –

The emergence of Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMPs)

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMPs) are a type of open-source protocol which enables webmasters to conceptualise pages that can load instantly on mobile devices. The main advantage of these pages is that only a little bit of structural changes can quicken the loading time of your site while using minimal data. At present, Google gives precedence to sites which have switched over to AMPs and offers them visibility in a carousel and small icon (symbol of a lightning bolt) which signifies their AMP status. In 2017, partiality to AMPs will increase even further as more brands start using this option.

Machine learning will alter the way algorithms work

Google RankBrain was released in the later part of the year and gave rise to the possibility of algorithmic machine learning. This function of Google Hummingbird functions as a way through which you can gradually learn more about the way users phrase their conversational queries and update its algorithm accordingly. Though there hasn’t been another update since then, pundits anticipate that one may be released pretty soon.

Google will soon start releasing more machine learning updates as the time passes. As a result, we may multiple machine learning across domains such as data analysis or marketing automation also. SEO professionals who have undergone training at any reputed digital marketing training institute in Delhi are aware of such developments. Thus, will help their clients to adapt to the algorithmic changes with efficiency.

Prominence of ‘’Dense’’ Content

People often get bored by reading the same type of content multiple times, in one way or another. Earlier, the main emphasis in content marketing was given to creating small sized contents. But in recent times, there has been a rise in ‘’epic’’ sized content which contain exhaustive information about a topic. But since both these types of content exist in the market, you need to focus on the length rather than information as the smallest possible space, popularly known as dense content to appeal to readers.

User Experience Optimization(UEO)will gradually merge with SEO

User experience has always been an important part of SEO. Google prefers sites which are optimized for usage in mobile devices, the sites which load fast and the ones that offer a satisfactory experience to users. However, user experience will assume greater importance in 2017 especially in case of mobile phones. As mentioned AMPs, could be the first precursor to this, but you need to look for other ways since Google favours pages which provide a better user experience.

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