Know the Latest Trends of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a dynamic but ever changing. Any strategy that which can be fruitful today will not be successful tomorrow. Therefore, there is observe and adapt one’s online marketing strategies with the changing trends to stay ahead of competitors. Some of the latest trends in digital marketing are mentioned below for your reference: –

Increased spending on social media ads

According to a recent report on Search engine Journal, online advertising, this year will be more and in the near future, it will even surpass TV. With a major part of digital spending being done on social ads, this is an area no marketing professional can afford to ignore. Predictions from eMarketer state that social media ads will be close to $36 billion by 2017 which will comprise 16% of the world’s total digital ad spend.

Greater amount of video ads

Video ads ae quite common, but they will dominate the internet this year. Facebook and Bing have already started offering video options to advertisers. Moreover, Google is also including video-based contents within its search engine algorithm. This is a paradigm shift of sorts as users as well as businesses are realizing the relevance of video based content.

Greater use of Facebook Messenger for Business

Introduced last year by Facebook, Messenger for Business which will enable users to get in touch with not only their near and dear ones but also for B2C and B2B conversations.

Emergence of Newer Strategies for Optimization

Previously, most online marketing strategies relied on SEO and PPC ads. But now thanks to the availability of tools such as Siri and Cortana, consumer’s questions can be easily answered. This year, most business owners will focus on adding their business details to be easily located through virtual assistant instead of being only listed on the web. Apart from making CRM more personalized, marketers can also use Messenger for Business to inform users about special offers and discounts and encourage buyers to shop.

PPC will become more personalized

As per a study conducted by Adobe, one-third of marketers regard personalization as the one of the vital aspect of marketing’s future. With the change in every algorithm, searches are becoming more and more personalized. Over the last few years, paid search has been mostly focused on the right set of keywords to find people who might or might not be looking for your product or service.

But such a strategy has a lot of drawbacks. Apart from increasing irrelevant clicks and site visits, PPC can prove to be pretty expensive unless you come up with a perfect keyword strategy. Even if you target the most relevant set of keywords, your search volume will be so low that you won’t be able to reach out to new searchers for expanding your business.

Automization of marketing

Many companies still face obstacles in implementing a strong marketing automation system for scheduling of emails, automating social media. segmenting contacts and content management. This year, marketers will need to delve deeper to identify their sales and marketing funnels and create an automation strategy which simplifies their working process.

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