7 Instagram Marketing Tips For Brand

7 Instagram Marketing Tips For Brand

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms. One can connect and engage with users almost instantly. It is all about visual content and that’s one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. It is a proven fact that posts with pictures or videos can generate up to 5x more engagements with users as compared to a text post. But you cannot just get that amount of response from any post, there needs to be kept certain things in mind to make that happen. Below are a few tips and strategies for a better Instagram marketing:

  1. Use Target Specific Hashtags: these are the major part of Instagram and are the only way to connect with people. You have the freedom to use as many hashtags as you can. But always use the limited number and be target specific, which means, do not use unnecessary and non-engaging hashtags. Including too many posts will make it look weird and desperate.
  2. Keep Track of The Hashtags That You Use: You might be using a lot of hashtags, some of them creating engagements while others do not. Use hashtags with which you can connect with a large audience and get fast responses. Keep monitoring their performance and try not use less-engaging hashtags.
  3. Monitor Your Competitor’s Hashtags:  Look at what your competitors are doing on Instagram. Keep a note of their activities and posts. The most important thing to look upon is their hashtags. Do remember that both you and your competitor’s hashtags will be very similar, but not exactly the same. So, you need to be aware of what attracts people the most.
  4. Utilize Repost: Repost is another very useful feature of Instagram. With this, you can repost your followers’ or other users’ posts that you find relevant to your business. For eg – a user on Instagram shared her post with a picture of your brand in it. She used various hashtags including the relevant ones. You came across that post in the news feed by typing in some of the hashtags that you use and decided to repost it. This is a way to express your appreciation towards them.
  5. Like and Comment On Your Follower’s Posts: Never miss the opportunity to like and comment on a user’s post when they include your brand’s pictures/videos. Do note that these users can be your followers and non-followers. This is another way to express your gratitude towards them and motivates them to post more similar content. Also, make sure that you respond to their comments and queries on your posts on time.
  6. Always Try to Upload Content of The Best Quality: Low image and video quality uploads will only make you lose the opportunity to gain more likes, comments, reposts and new followers. Instagram doesn’t give you the option to upload full HD or 4K videos or a full resolution picture, but it does let you upload the best quality (as per its upload standards). Use a good camera to record videos and take pictures of your products/services and post them.
  7. Go Live on Instagram Sometimes: When your followers see that you are live, they will possibly think that you’re up to something new. For eg – launching of a new product, new office/studio tour, etc. It is preferable to keep the duration short.

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