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Adwords Question Answer

After spending a considerable amount of time in updating your resume, submitting job applications, you get a call for an interview with a digital marketing company. This is the ideal opportunity to go, prove your skills and get the job. So what are you going to do if you have no clear idea of the questions related to PPC which might be asked during the interview? Joining an institute which offers a professional SEO course & training can prove to be highly useful.

What is your perception of Google AdWords?


Google has specifically created AdWords with the main aim to help in the promotion of products and services on a search engine as well as sites which are affiliated with it. It places a text ad which becomes visible when people look for phrases related to the product or service which you are offering.

Why is Google AdWords?


The traffic which is acquired through Google AdWords is handled in a different manner. Organic traffic can generate periodic visits to a website. In contrast, the people who are clicking on PPC ads know what the ad is about and what they want to buy. So, acquiring a number of visitors through AdWords can be more valuable rather than organic traffic.

Explain how AdWords works.


Google AdWords works through a bidding system. For instance, if bidding price is higher, your ad will have a top ranking on Google. Working on the PPC model will ensure that you only need to pay the amount which you have bid if a person taps on your ad.

Adwords interview

What is a Page Rank?


Ad Rank decides the position of an ad on a Google page. This is decided by your bid for that specific keyword and quality score.

What is the likely impact of Ad Rank on Cost per Click?


CPC is calculated as a price you pay and rank of the person below you the quality score you have.

Explain how Google auction takes place.


An auction runs innumerable times in a month. Google processes the request and runs this auction to decide the ad position and CPC of an advertiser.

What is an ad group in Google AdWords?


An ad group contains your ads, keywords and landing pages. Google rewards the advertisers who create AdWord campaigns with ad groups which are highly structured. Adding all keywords within a single group is not a wise thing to do.

What is Conversion Optimizer’s role in Google AdWords?


Conversion Optimizer is a tool which is utilized by Google AdWords in order to manipulate bids. It decides the exact clicks on the ad which will be valuable. It helps an advertiser to acquire the desired level of ROI.

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