How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog


A blog is a very effective way to engage the audience and boost up sales. But running a blog is not a very easy task. Every blog owner has, at some point, felt frustrated when in spite of quality content on the website, still a few visitors come to the website.  Readers don’t magically come to us; we have to work a lot to build up an audience. Here are some amazing strategies that can help you to increase traffic on your blog:

Update your blog regularly


The more often you post new blogs, the more users will connect to you. If a user comes back to your website and sees nothing new, he wouldn’t come back again. Google also gives priority to fresh and quality content.

Promote your blog on Social Media


Social media is the most effective way of driving traffic to your blog. You should promote each and every post of yours on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. When you share your posts on social media, it increases their visibility.

Write eye-catching and interesting titles


The title is the first thing that the user reads when he/she gets to your blog and if the title is boring and simple, then the user might not get interested to read the whole content. Therefore it is very necessary to write an appealing title for every blog post.

Include Photos


You should add photos to your content to make it interesting and more elaborate for the reader. Photos add up to the quality of the blog and readers are more likely to read a blog with images rather than without them.

Place your keywords in the content


Keywords should be selected keeping in mind what the user will search to find a particular post. Add your keywords judicially in your content. If you don’t enter your keywords properly, it reduces the visibility of your post. Keywords should be added from two- three times in the content.


Add social sharing buttons


You should place social sharing buttons on your blog. So that anyone who likes your post can easily share it with just one click. If social sharing buttons are not located on your blog, then the chances of your blog getting shared are reduced largely. Make it easy for the readers to spread the word.

Re-share the content that you have posted in the past


You should re-share the posts that you have written in the past. Don’t be afraid to re-post. Readers don’t care as long as your post is informative and relevant.

Invest in the promotion


You can also run a campaign on various social media websites, Facebook is the most common. By spending just a few rupees your blog can reach masses. By boosting a post you can increase its reach very significantly.

Use bullets, Subheads, numbered lists


Instead of writing in a bunch of paragraphs, use subheading to make them easy to read for the users. Use bullets and numbers to write in points to make the content more elaborate.

These are a few strategies that you can use to increase traffic to your blog. But as long as you enjoy writing your blog, it will definitely lead to success sooner or later.

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