How to Boost SERP Rankings By Building Brand Mentions?

how to boost SERP

We are living in an age when social media is an integral part of our lives. It’s therefore quite common for people to spend time on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. We are always trying to figure out what our friends do and also try to figure out what influencers are doing. At present, social proof can in a great way help in enhancing your SEO. You can help in doing so by ensuring brand mentions online to improve your rankings. Here, we will discuss how SERP rankings can be enhanced through the use of brand mentions:-

What is a brand mention?


If you haven’t heard about brand mention before, then you might be confused as to what it really means. There is a small site known as Product Hunt which is used by numerous people to look for exciting new products and services. Once your product gets visible on the front page of this website, you will be able to gain considerable reputation. Your sales will get a big boost as a result. This is a perfect example of a brand mention.

A brand mention takes place when someone mentions about your product or service. A number of sites such as Indiegogo also offer brand mentions, albeit on a limited scale. Only projects which are on these sites can be featured. A brand mention communicates to people about your site without linking to it.


However, people can still acquire details about your site and visit it if they intend to. This is what an implied link is. Institutes which offer professional SEO course give students first-hand exposure to projects during training. Therefore, youngsters can acquire a clear perception of what implied links are during their training period.

Why are implied links important to Google?


Experts believe that implied links might be the future of SERP ranking. Over the last couple of years, link building used to ensure a good ranking on Google. It still does today. Every successful site surely has a good backlink strategy. But there are some people who have learned to acquire a good ranking by adapting shortcuts. They make use of link schemes in order to boost their SERP rankings in an unnatural manner.

Other examples of link scheme are black hat SEO techniques, link exchanges, private blog networks and automated programs which create links to your website. Though they might tempt you for achieving good ranking within a short period of time, they won’t make a big difference unless you can achieve organic growth.

Websites which are highly popular have minimal or no unnatural links. In contrast, a site which is heavily dependent on link schemes can be highly popular to a search engine, but this is not actual popularity. Therefore, it is essential to have brand mentions. In case people are discussing your brand, Google will view those mentions as implied links and improve your SEO. You can find the sources of brand mentions easily once you undergo a professional digital marketing course.

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