How Do I Get Good Job in SEO?


Are you considering to opt for a career in the SEO industry? In case you do, then you will need to have a clear perception of the changes which have been taking place in the industry. Change is the name of the game in SEO so, to survive and grow, you will have to keep learning. Here are some areas to which you will have to pay attention to make sure that you land up with a good job in the SEO industry in the long run:-

Hone your skills yourself


If you have no previous job experience, then you will need to acquire the necessary skills required for fresher. People who become successful in the SEO industry are self-motivated and are eager to learn. A good way to impress prospective employers is to acquire the skills is showing that you have been involved in the development of a blog or website personally. It can be a Tumblr site with how to tutorials, it can be a completely developed travel log or a website related to a local NGO.

On the other hand, if you have worked in the past then it will be an added advantage for you. But your ability to show that you have in any form of media is essential. Prior experience will help you to work efficiently as a part of a team and finish all assignment on time.

Gain professional certifications


Acquiring a professional Google certification can in a great way help you to acquire the trust of any employer. Certifications like Google AdWords can in a great way help you to land up with a job in the organization of your choice. This along with the experience of handling live projects will help you a lot in growing professionally. You will get to work on such projects once you enroll in a professional SEO course.


A person who has a know-how of SEO basics, can read and perform HTML coding and has good writing & communication skills is a greater asset for any SEO company than a professional who holds a degree. In case you have a clear understanding of analytics, your chances of growth will be even better. Instituted which offer advanced SEO courses provide students with hands on training in Google Analytics as a part of their training program.

Be familiar with well-known blogs and thought leaders


The ability to stay updated with the changes which are taking place in the industry is essential. But one thing which is even more important to have is a high level of curiosity and willingness to stay updated with the newest trends in the industry. Follow well-known sites such as Search Engine Land.

Good communication skills

communication skills

In order to be successful in the SEO industry, having technical skills won’t be enough. You will also need to communicate with your clients on a regular basis. Therefore, you will need to develop the ability to talk about the larger business picture.

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