How to clear Google AdWords certification exam-A complete guide?


Google AdWords is Google’s Pay per Click(PPC) programme. These days, Google AdWords certification is also called ‘’Google Partners Certification.’’ Having this certification can be an added advantage for you if you want to specialise in the Pay Per Click(PPC) domain of digital marketing. Professionals with this certification are highly valued by prospective employers and in the days to come it will become compulsory to have it in order to get a job in PPC. Here are some tips using which you can clear the Google AdWords certification exam: –

Understand the exam pattern Getting ready for the exam that requires a passing score of more than 80 within 2 hours could be a big challenge if you do not have a proper course of action. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have to spend hours to prepare for the exam. Though there are some questions that may come to your mind, if you are confident and focused then passing Google AdWords wouldn’t be a big problem for you.


Take the help of digital exam guides

Google provides candidates with its best resources to prepare for the exam. Though these resources provide detailed information about the topics related to the exam, if you lack interest and do not go through each link, the method could be a big challenge for you.

Join any reputed training institute

Digital Payout is a leading institute which offers digital marketing course in Delhi for this type of exam. Its training programme covers all aspects of the AdWords certification exam. This course is relevant for the following examinations: –

 Search Advertising

 Video Advertising

 Display Advertising

 AdWords Fundamentals

 Shopping Advertising

Prepare using the iPass Exam By taking iPass Exam, you can practice and clear the AdWords Exam. The iPass system will provide with questions which quite similar to the live exam. You can gain access to the tests for a nominal fee. Having practical knowledge before you appear for the exam is the best way you can prepare. For example, performing in-house or handling PPC projects for clients can provide you with considerable knowhow to clear the exams. At present, Google also recommends candidates to have an on-the job AdWords experience before appearing for the certification exam.

What do you do after passing the exam?


You may have taken the exam and passed. But what you do after it? Show it in your profile on LinkedIn and in your resume when you appear for an interview. As mentioned earlier, certifications from Google will help you in creating a good image of yourself in front of employers and help you gain an upper hand over other candidates. First and foremost, you will need to gain access to and collect the certificate, sign in using your Google Partners account, and then click ‘My profile’ that you can view under overview. Below the profile picture, you will come across ‘AdWords Certified’ link, click on the access option to have a print out of the certificate.

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