Free Online Marketing Tools That Every Marketer Should Know

Free Online Marketing Tools

People, working in the field, digital marketing know the importance of tools that can help them perform their everyday tasks without spending too much money. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of software and tools that can help. So, whether you’re currently working at a digital marketing agency or simply wanting to implement a smarter digital marketing strategy, these are some essential tools you should check out.

Google analytics and webmaster tools

Pretty much the bellwether of all web analytics, Google Analytics is a must have for any webmaster who wants to understand his search traffic and web visitors. In a similar way, Google Webmaster tools point out the errors in your page and check it for malware. They also recommend following Google’s best practices in order to ensure your website is up to speed.


WhatRunsWhere help online and mobile advertisers buy more intelligently, discover new traffic sources, and keep an eye on their competition. This tool will provide you with a substantial amount of data about your rivals past and ongoing campaigns. With a worldwide scope, you can contact practically everyone in the world with the right content. You can promote your ad sales, find more leads, and give your users a memorable experience with this amazing tool.


Paper.li allows individuals to publish their content in view of subjects they like and treat their readers to new content. It is considered one of the most popular and efficient content curation services out there. And italso assists you in promoting your content by making it more attractive using its amazing designs. It can likewise send emails, tweets, and different kinds of posts on your behalf so that you can share your new content with your followers.


This is a tool that has been most raved about and is used by a great many online networking masters and advertiser. Hootsuite will help you handle numerous online networking pages post scheduled updates on your behalf. It can help you monitor the activities of your social media pages and simultaneously supervise several other campaigns. With its app’s scheduling feature you can post on multiple platforms simultaneously and save your precious time.



Buffer helps you in driving more traffic, increasing fan engagement and saving time on social media. It provides an interactive interface from which one can schedule a post on various social media platforms. Buffer also has a smooth mobile app that will give you a chance to get the most out of your online networking handles and bring them all under one roof. Buffer’s in-depth statistics will help you in making customized content for your audience.


Storify lets you pick various kinds of content from different social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook and create a timeline or an engaging story out of it. It also helps you in focusing on what matters by pinning content and displaying at glance views of story events. Sidenotes, social sharing and other engagement features of Storify let your community voice their opinion while driving traffic right back to your site.

As you can see there is a multitude of options available when it comes down to taking care of the different aspects of our business. Providing a quality result for your clients and for your marketing efforts is the end goal of any successful service business, and the utilization of these tools and software will give anyone a step up on their competition.

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