How to Create an Email Campaign : Step by Step Guide


What is Email Marketing?

It is simply a one-to-one or one-to-many form of communication that comes under direct marketing by using electronic mail to serve the purpose. The messages communicated in the process can be personal, commercial or even for fundraising motives. But do remember that you cannot consider every email sent to a customer as email marketing. However, there are few things to remember while doing that:

Send An Email with

  1.  The purpose of defining, creating, enhancing and maintaining a relationship with old, new and potential customers for the purpose of establishing loyalty and trustworthiness.
  2. Advertisements related to your business or products and services.
  3. The motive or an urge to drive them to purchase something through the advertisements or links provided in the emails.
  4. Create awareness or notify them of an important event in the future.

Why choose Email Marketing?

There are several reasons why email marketing should be a part of an individual’s marketing strategy:

  • Email is used by nearly half of the total world population, that’s around 3.8 billion users online. But you must know that only a fraction of this number is going to be your target audience, still, it’s a respectable size. It is a proven effective marketing tactic, second only to search marketing and gives you really beneficial results when done correctly. You get the ability to reach a substantial amount of email subscribers who have chosen to receive email updates from you or your advertisers and also allows you to reach users who show similar interest to your business.


  • The cost of reaching customers is really low and moreover, it is an easy and effective process. If you compare this with the traditional marketing practices – television and newspaper, then certainly email marketing is only going to cost you a fraction of the amount that you’ll spend on the older tools.


  • You can create customizable lists of people and send tailored messages to them according to their needs and interests with the main motive of providing them with something of value.


  • People access their emails from anywhere and at any time on mobile phones and other handheld devices. Wherever they may be – in a line at the cinemas, grocery store, metro train, etc, the emails can be easily and constantly checked without any difficulty. This reason is enough for you to include these channels in your marketing strategies.


  • You have the ability to send automated emails to a number of people without any hassles or worrying about it. For eg – sending emails on a customer’s birthday, reminders to buy a subscription, discounts and offers on their wishlists, etc, are all examples of such emails that keep them engaged with your business. There are lots of service providers on the internet who will do this job for you – e.g Mailchimp, elastic mail, etc.


  • Email marketing can help in increasing your brand awareness. You can try it to promote your activeness in the local community. Selling a product or service through this channel is one thing but improving brand awareness is another. So try to keep a balance between them as many marketers focus less on the latter.

MailChimp is one of the most popular automatic email marketing platforms that allows you to target and send emails on the automated basis to your selected lists. It can easily handle large volumes of emails for any kind of business and organization. An easy to use and recommended by many marketers around the world.

We’ll learn how to create and send automatic emails in bulk to your customers. It’s a simple process, just follow the steps along with pictures given below:

  1. Login to your MailChimp account or create a new one. After that, click on “create campaign” on the top right side of the homepage of MailChimp.


email marketing


  1. Choose what you want to create: create a new mail or an ad or a landing page. For instance, let’s create a new Email.

email marketing

  1. After choosing to create a new mail, you will now have to pick one of the following four options –
    • Regular: Through this, you can keep your subscribers engaged by sharing your latest news, promoting a line of products, or announcing an event.
    • Automated: You can choose from predefined messages or create your own automated email by clicking on the “custom” button as shown below. In the next screen, type the new campaign name and select your contact list.

email marketing


In the automated section, you can edit workflow and make changes in its configuration.

The 2nd box below shows the details of your custom Email. Here you can edit trigger, schedule, segment, and actions.


email marketing

In the same box above, there is a button called Design Email. There are three phases involved in it to create and design an email. Click it to enter information about your email like – subject, preview text, from the name and from email address.

This is how the first phase looks like:


email marketing


Once you have filled the information regarding your emails, you will need to select a template. You can browse through the layouts and themes. Or you can even choose one of your saved templates. The second step looks like this:


email marketing


In this last phase of email designing, we will choose a content layout and design of the email. The left part of this screen shows the preview of your email as you make further visual changes in it. On the right side, you will see a few tiles under the content section. To activate or use them, just drag and drop one tile at a time to the email on the left side and do further edits.


email marketing


Lastly, we come to the designing phase of your emails. You can easily make changes in various sections like – page, header, body and footer, as shown below in the picture. Do remember that all the changes that you have made till now should be done in accordance with the purpose of the email that you are creating. With the above three phases completed – email information, template, and design phase, you have successfully created a campaign.

MailChimp will start sending these emails automatically one day after a new subscriber is added to your workflow. You can even change the way they are triggered by clicking on “edit trigger” button in your selected campaign.

email marketing


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