Digital Marketing – A Must for Today’s Business


”The new information technology, Internet and e-mail, have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications.”- Peter F. Drucker

The smartphone boom and growth of mobile apps in recent years has made businesses take their presence on the web seriously. Focusing on your offline marketing channels is not enough to stay ahead of your competitors. You need to be as involved in the process of online marketing as well. A perfect combination of relevant, engaging content, mobile marketing, and marketing automation are a must for maintaining a steady flow of traffic to one’s website and improve conversions.

Content Marketing

Though content marketing in the form of videos, blogs, and case studies have been present ever since the advent of SEO, they have grown in popularity because of their ability to generate a greater amount of leads at a minimal budget in comparison to time-tested methods of marketing. Therefore, the emphasis now will be on creating strategies centered around content marketing.

The brands which are able to come up with a sensible storytelling style, will be able to create and retain a greater amount of interest among their target audience. Content marketing lays the foundation of a workable online marketing process. It adds value to websites, increases their presence on social media and improves organic search. It helps in the relationship building process between customers and a brand. Therefore, the prime focus of businesses is on creation and sharing of quality content related to their business.

Marketing Automation

The success of content marketing is going to depend on the effective use of marketing automation. Marketers will be using large volumes of data as companies attempt to enhance the quality of their content and email marketing through periodic testing and modifications. Unlike the past, content development followed by posting and waiting for search results will not be very effective. Marketers are keeping a track on the sites targeted customers are visiting, the type of content they are sharing and the factors that prompt them to take a buying decision. Use of Google Analytics will provide you with valuable details related to conversion rates, site visits, sales, dwell/bounce, device, conversion rates, site visits, device, and geography.

Mobile Markting

The ever growing number of tabs and smartphones makes mobile marketing a potent tool that businesses can exploit. Mobiles can play an instrumental role in improving traffic on your company’s profiles on social networking sites. Moreover, search engines pay more importance to mobile friendly sites, which requires more brainstorming sessions on the part of marketers for their strategies related to email and site design strategies.

Messages need to be targeted across channels for making a big impact. So, the shift is now towards adaptive rather than responsive designs and cater user-specific content according to the type of mobile the visitor uses. The shift is more towards the use of short, frequent messages to the audience through emailers. Therefore, the proper use of all these three factors is essential for the acquiring new customers and generation of revenue.

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