How Can You Boost Your Business on Google Through PPC Advertising?

How Can You Boost Your Business on Google Through PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click(PPC) marketing is a type of advertising on the internet in which advertisers pay to the publisher when visitors click on their ad. Also called cost per click marketing, in PPC marketing the ads are shown on other websites. The main objective behind paid ads is to drive more and more traffic to your website and generate greater leads to convert them into sales later. The entire process of PPC advertising is mentioned below:-

PPC Advertising Creation Process

Account creation

First and foremost, you will need to create an account using Google AdWords for PPC advertising.

Selecting the proper keywords

You will need to spend some time in research to look for the phrases and keywords on which you are going to bid and also perform competitor research so as to gain a full understanding of the PPC landscape in your industry. This would be one of the major things which you would learn while studying in a digital marketing institute in Delhi. You will need to make a proper estimate of how you are going to spend each month.

Create a Budget

You will need to make an estimate of how you are going to spend every month. Now based on this you will have to bid for the keywords you are going to target. The placement of your ad on the page is dependent on your bid and total quality score. The greater the competition for your keywords, the higher will be your likely to spend on each click.

Use your creativity

While you create ads, you will have to ensure that the ads are precise, highly targeted and encourage visitors to click on your site for which you will need to come up with competitive calls-to-action, targeted special offers etc.

Planning for landing pages

Once the visitor lands on the landing page after clicking on the calls-to-action on your ads. Ensure that your landing page complements your ad and is consistent with the ad. It needs to be optimized for conversions.

Planning for landing pages

Test and improve

Now, to have a clear perception of what is generating favorable results and what isn’t, you will have to monitor your PPC ad campaigns for performance and improve the process by maintaining the ads which are offering the best results.

How can you pay less to generate more ROI through PPC advertising?

People want to pay less and get the most of each and every transaction. This is true also in case of marketing where you spend minimum and get the best results. PPC marketing is no different. Here are some ways through which you can reduce your cost per click: –

Proper Targeting

Once you start creating ads based on your targeted keyword, it will increase your click-through rate to enhance your quality scores to ensure your ad rank goes up and lowers your CPC in the end. Therefore, the greater the relevance of your ads are, the lower will be your CPC.

Conversion tracking

Ensure that conversion tracking has been enabled to have an idea of the exact keywords, landing pages, and PPC ads are generating results and which don’t. Using the results, you can decide to stop the ones which are faring poorly till you figure out hat you want to do with them.


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