5 Innovative Ways of Using Facebook Live

5 Innovative Ways of Using Facebook Live

Social networking sites are ever changing and staying updated with these changes is often a tough task. But as a website owner, you need to ensure that you add all new and updated features to ensure that you have a workable marketing strategy. Facebook Live is a highly useful live-streaming feature which you can use to connect with your target audience in a unique way. Here are some ways in which you can use Facebook Live:-

Use Facebook Live to share tips & tricks with your target audience

You can utilise tips & tricks or perform a demo session. You can also talk about your previous blog post and offer value to your target audience. It is an effective way to inform them as to how they can use your product or service. Undergoing training with any of the famous digital marketing institutes in Delhi will help you to do so with proficiency. As a result, your audience will get connected to your business and find out that you care for them.

You can make your customer service more responsive

Using this feature, you can enhance the efficiency of your customer care services for your customers. You can select any day and let your followers know that you will go live at a specific time to listen to the problems they are facing. Therefore, Facebook Live can help a lot in enhancing the pro activeness of your customer service. It enables you to offer support & guidance to customers in real-time while make your customers feel connected to your business.

Foster a stronger relationship through pages and groups

Using the Facebook live feature, you can get live on Facebook from your business page or group and interact with your customers in-real time to address their grievances. You can also have these issues resolved within a short span of time. The audience who follow your page will join you on live chat to express their views. Therefore, it helps you to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Launching products

You can instantly let people know about a much-awaited product which has finally been launched in the market. Audience engagement increases readily through live streaming.


You can discuss relevant topics in real time

The internet is full of trending topics on a daily basis. So, you can go live and discuss about such topics with your audience in real-time. This will help you gain idea about what your customers are looking for. You can know about the likes & dislikes of your audience in a better away and revamp your marketing strategy in a better way.

News reporting

When anything interesting which is breaking news for your industry, then you can report it on Facebook live. You can share your views with your audience on Facebook live. Using these videos can help you establish your site’s authenticity with your target audience. The views and engagement receives a boost each time you launch breaking news with Facebook Live.

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