10 SEO Tips to Get Higher Search Ranking

SEO ranking tips


Tips # 1: Make Sure That The Website’s Focus is On One Thing: Your website may include information on a lot of topics, but it is important that it focuses on a primary topic. That’s because you want your website to deliver a message to visitors, and it can only happen when the website has a just one direction to focus on. So, prioritize on the main topic while also focussing on other topics as well.

Tips # 2: Use Keywords Where They are Most Important: This is probably the most important thing to follow. Use one or two most important keywords in the page title, tagline, and categories. Use all the important keywords in the description, posts, and pages.




Tips # 3: Insist On Keeping A Permalink With The Keywords: A good permalink can help you rank slightly better than others, but some people choose to ignore these small changes and that could be bad for SEO. So, to get that slightly better rank, you should insist on putting one or two of your most important keywords in the permalink.




Tips # 4: Image Title, Alt Tags and Description: Make a habit of filling up these three with vital information. Although they aren’t really of any use for the visitors but they’re extremely helpful for your site’s SEO. This will come useful when the search engine crawlers will look for keywords in these three areas.

Tips # 5: Update Your Posts and Blogs Frequently: If you keep on updating the website frequently and on a regular basis, then your chances of a higher rank on the SERP increases by a small amount.


Blog Update


Tips # 6: Always Upload Unique Content: Never upload something that could hurt your SEO. In fact, you might even get reported for using duplicate content. So, in order to stay on the safer side and not hurt your ranking, you must ALWAYS upload unique content on your website.


unique content


Tips # 7: Faster Page Load Speed: SEO also involves optimizing your page’s speed and bringing it down to the ideal levels. This could be done by removing unnecessary items that could potentially increase your load time. The ideal website load speed is between 3 to 4 seconds, anything more than that will cause the visitors to turn back.

Tips # 8: Link to Other Websites that have A Relevant Content: You might be thinking that by doing this, you are taking people away from your page, but the truth is that this is critical for your website’s growth. When you link people to other reliable sources, you are creating a sense of trust among them. They will see as a valuable and trustworthy source to get information.

Tips # 9: Try to Get More Inbound Links From Other Websites: Inbound links are still very important for you to grow on the web. Make full use of follow and no-follow links, keep increasing the number of backlinks that you create. Bookmarking will certainly help in the process.

Tips # 10: Examine Your Competitors: The internet is a huge place and there are a lot of competitors out there. You must research and analyze them and stay updated with what they’re doing and what they’ll do in the future. This will help you make necessary changes that you need to stay in the competition and thereby improving your SEO.

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