10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in #2018

digital marketing trends 2018

10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in #2018

  • Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistance

We already know some of the most popular intelligent voice assistants that are present in the market today – Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Bixby. They are incredibly powerful tools and can perform some basic tasks for you. The assistants can provide information such as weather, play music, take photos, record videos, etc. Their growth and capabilities are expanding rapidly and will become more useful in 2018. Customer service and customer interactions are two of the major areas where they’ll be extremely useful.


  • Influencer Marketing

This was an important trend in the previous year and thus will be a focus point for many marketers in 2018. Its importance lies in the campaigns set up by various brands, where they need at least one social media influencer to quickly engage with the audience. This year, there will be lots of new things and as a marketer, one will notice that having just a single influencer can bring him success. You would also find that an influencer has its own big audience, and so you need to choose and act accordingly. They help the brands to continue to push the boundaries of advertising by bringing out breakthrough ideas and campaigns. The digital landscape will also continue to evolve, thus enabling brands to find the keys to the locked doors.

  • Live videos

It is slowly becoming a game changer and will soon become a critical asset for a marketer, as it brings a lot of benefits that other forms of marketing just cannot match. Here are a few examples where live videos can help you reach your audience in a matter of seconds:Live videos

    1. Brand awareness
    2. Launching a new product
    3. Showing demo/how to use a product
    4. Meetings/conferences
    5. Important real-time discussions
    6. Big events

Just imagine, if you only use pictures instead of videos, the response that you get will only be a proportion of what videos will fetch. But make sure that the audience knows about the timing and event details before going live, otherwise, your brand could miss out on a large part of the target audience. Today, social media platforms such as youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc, all have live video features and a marketer must utilize it to his own advantage. And one should also know the fact that live video marketing does matter for every kind of a business. It all depends on whether a business wants to engage in it or not. I believe this is the most important digital marketing trend to look out for in 2018.

  • First Mover Advantage

The digital world is changing every day, this means a marketer must act and make changes in his strategies to keep up with the ever-changing environment. Look back in time, you will see that a few years ago nobody bothered to run paid campaigns, live streaming was not utilized properly and organic reach could get you more audience. But now, things have changed. Today, more and more brands opting for live streaming and paid campaigns, that’s because they give you more global reach.

  • Big Data ( Including Market, Customer and Predictive Analysis)

Big data alone will not be sufficient, a  marketer must also include market and customer insight along with predictive analysis. These “actionable insights” help a marketer to arrive at the most appropriate decisions and also forecast what could happen in the future. For eg, company A has recently created predictive analysis models to analyze data about their customers and customer transactions. This model also helps the company to find out the rate at which employees leave their jobs. The same company can use these data analysis models to predict their churn rate in another country/market. The models could further help in reducing it by bringing out potential campaigns.

Companies can use this tool to heavily engage the audience with their content. For eg, a company has hosted a contest on social media platforms asking the audience to participate and win one of its prestigious products at the end of the contest. This way, it could attain a much higher reach and engagement rate, for a brief amount of time. People will usually tag each other and this becomes a chain until the end of the contest. Just think about the success and number of organic impressions you’d receive by doing this once in a while.

  • Digital Marketing Focussed On Mobile Phones

Over the last few years, mobile technology has seen lots of huge developments in terms of their usability. Social media is just a click away and people spend more time on it than on anything else nowadays. So, it is important for a marketer to focus on both – mobile websites and desktop websites. But the year 2018 will need them to prioritize on the mobile versions. Make sure that you have a mobile-friendly website and loads faster on handheld devices. Take the help of video marketing and paid mobile campaigns to increase your reach and target audience. Also, try to maximize live streaming in your mobile marketing strategy to get more positive results.

  • LinkedIn

Many marketers underestimate the power of this platform, and at the end, they just blindly walk past the number of favorable results it could give. I strongly believe that LinkedIn is one of the major digital marketing trends in 2018 and people must utilize in their marketing techniques. It gives the potential to become viral in a short time and increase your reach through the use of quality content. Just keep optimizing your brand’s profile from time to time and you will be surprised by the value that LinkedIn provides to your business.

Video Marketing

You get more response through video campaigns than by having only pictures and texts. It lets a marketer attain an emotional connect with the audience, which is the highest form of engagement with them. If you do, your brand’s chances of going viral increases which at the end will fetch you more impressions and shares.

  • VR and AR

Though virtual reality and artificial reality are just in the growing stages, some brands have already started utilizing them in their marketing strategy. They both basically are the recreation of the real-life environment or a situation generated by a computer. The technologies are heavily used in Hollywood sci-fi movies. The best examples are Apple and Google’s recent addition of AR and VR tech into their devices. And every year they are trying to capture more and more customers by improving on these two technologies as it helps in providing fascinating experiences to customers. It can easily interact and make gestures with you, to some extent. We hope that companies keep improving these techs to make them more utilizable in the future.  


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